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Why Malaysian Schools Should Incorporate Creative Public Speaking into Their Curriculum


In today's fast-paced, interconnected world, communication skills are more important than ever. Effective communication is not just about conveying information, but about connecting with others, understanding multiple viewpoints, and navigating social interactions. One proven way to enhance these skills is through public speaking. However, public speaking shouldn't be seen as a rigid, one-dimensional activity. Instead, by adopting creative public speaking, Malaysian schools can cultivate more holistic, comprehensive communication skills in students. This article explores why incorporating creative public speaking into the Malaysian school curriculum is a necessary and beneficial move.

Malaysian children engaged in creative public speaking

Creative Public Speaking in Malaysian Schools: Nurturing Critical Thinking and Creativity

In the age of automation, critical thinking and creativity are becoming increasingly valuable. Creative public speaking offers an excellent avenue for fostering these skills. As students create their speeches, they have to organize their thoughts, formulate persuasive arguments, and think outside the box to engage their audience. This not only makes them better communicators but also more innovative thinkers.

Boosting Confidence and Self-esteem through creative public speaking

Standing in front of an audience and delivering a speech can be an intimidating experience. However, by infusing creative elements into public speaking, the process becomes more fun and less daunting. Dressing up, role-playing, and integrating themes into their speeches allow students to enjoy the process, thereby boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

Cultivating Empathy and Understanding

When students step into the shoes of different characters during their speeches, they naturally develop empathy. Creative public speaking offers the chance to understand different perspectives, thereby promoting cultural awareness, tolerance, and a greater understanding of the world.

Enhancing Language and Communication Skills

Creative public speaking provides a practical, engaging platform for students to improve their language skills. From expanding their vocabulary to learning the art of persuasion, students enhance their command of language in a lively, interactive way. This will not only aid them in their academic journey but also in their future professional lives.

Malaysian student developing critical thinking through creative public speaking

The Power of Creative Public Speaking: An Example

Let's take the example of a creative public speaking activity where students are tasked to imagine themselves as environmental scientists making a speech about the importance of biodiversity. In the process of developing their speech, students learn about ecosystems, the roles of different species, and the threats facing our environment. They craft their speeches with relevant facts, persuasive arguments, and creative storytelling. In the end, the students, dressed as scientists, deliver their speeches in front of their classmates, sharing not just information but a sense of urgency and a call to action. This creative public speaking activity ends up being a holistic learning experience – covering science, language, public speaking, and even ethics.

Student dressed as a scientist delivering a passionate speech

Testimonials: The Impact of Creative Public Speaking

Mr. Tan, a teacher at a local school in Kuala Lumpur, shares his experience: "Since we introduced creative public speaking, I've seen a remarkable change in my students. They're more engaged, more confident, and they're learning so much more. It's not just about speaking well; it's about thinking critically, understanding different perspectives, and communicating effectively."

Similarly, Alicia, a primary school student from Penang, recalls her first creative public speaking experience: "At first, I was nervous about the idea of giving a speech. But when I got to dress up as a famous author and share her story, it felt like an adventure. It was so much fun, and I learned so much about the author and myself."

Mr. Tan and student Alicia sharing their positive experiences with creative public speaking

Public Speaking in Malaysian Schools: A New Perspective

Traditionally, public speaking in Malaysian schools is often viewed as a competition or a formal event rather than a regular classroom activity. This can create pressure and inhibit students from exploring their full potential. Furthermore, the focus is often on the fluency and pronunciation, with less attention paid to content, creativity, and engagement.

The integration of creative public speaking into the regular curriculum can transform this perspective. Instead of viewing public speaking as a daunting task, students will start to see it as a fun, engaging, and rewarding activity. It encourages students to actively participate, express their ideas, and listen to their peers. Moreover, the creativity involved in this approach allows for a more inclusive learning environment, catering to different learning styles and abilities.

Malaysian teacher and students celebrating the success of their creative public speaking session


With the integration of creative public speaking, we can reimagine classrooms as lively hubs of creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. The transformation in students' confidence, empathy, and articulation, as well as the tangible improvement in their language and thinking abilities, reaffirms the value of this approach. As a community, we need to advocate for creative public speaking in Malaysian schools to better prepare our students for their futures.

At Deemcee Creative Public Speaking, we firmly believe in the transformative power of this pedagogical approach. We invite Malaysian schools to incorporate creative public speaking into their curriculum and witness the multifaceted growth it offers to students.


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