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Build your career with Deemcee

Malaysia's Most Trusted Children's Confidence Speaking Program

To enthuse life of educators through confidence building among children

Our Mission for
Speaking Educators

To enthuse life of educators through confidence building among children

Deemcee Career Opportunity
Deemcee Teachers
Deemcee Teachers

What do our teachers say?

Deemcee Centre

Cultivating the next generation to be confident in speaking

Deemcee Teachers

Why be a Deemcee Educator?


Great opportunities to explore and self-challenge through various Deemcee events


Meticulous process to select quality individuals in terms of professionalism and passionate delivery performance

Deemcee Teachers


Cultivating an open mindset to constantly learn new skills and experiences


We welcome talents from different industries with aligned mission to contribute to the next generation

What will you get?

Public speaking certification course and training

Off peak working hour

Pre-planned lesson plans and materials

If you're passionate to build confidence among the new generation , you too can be the next agent of change! 🌍

Deemcee WELCOMES you!

Micee Boy
Micee Girl

Start your journey here

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Programme Details

Deemcee Confidence Speaking Programme is designed to empower our students with the confidence they need to communicate, present, and speak lively, meeting the demands of the 21st Century!

Franchising Opportunities

To benefit the future generation with outstanding communication skills, we look forward to work with you through this educational business

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