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Deemcee Confidence Speaking Course

Deemcee Challenge Day


Established in 2017, Deemcee specializes in developing speaking skills for young children. Combining creativity and public speaking expression, our programme is designed for children aged 5 - 10 to speak lively and confidently.

 Most Trusted
Children's Confidence Speaking Program

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Our Vision


To enthuse life of educators through confidence building in young children across the globe.

Our Mission


To develop strong speaking foundation among young children in order to enrich their life.


Kids Public Speaker

What makes Deemcee the chosen
confidence speaking programme for kids?


Deemcee uses video teaching to maintain quality of knowledge and skill being transcended. Teacher acts as facilitator to ensure students’ involvement and social interaction within the class. Occupational thematic is employed to bring liveliness to students and enable them to relate to the reality better with the learned skills.


Learning Methodology

Everyone can speak, but the excellent of speaking confidently can be trained since young

(Never allow the door of speaking confidence close).

Speaking confidently can be trained since young

Deemcee offers different degree of skills with step by step guides specially designed to each student’s individual learning capability starting from:

Kiddo Emcee (Age 5-7), Kids Emcee (Age 8-9) and Super Kids Emcee (Age 9-10)

Speaking skills
Deemcee Challenge Day
Kids emcee speaking on stage

Kaizen Approach

The word ‘Kaizen’ means continuous improvement. Deemcee vows to have continuous improvement with our program content and video teaching material to draw out students’ speaking potential. Students are also given this ‘learning approach’ oppotunity to improve continuously through the programs in different grades. With the feedback given by teacher every week, gradually students improve their speaking confidence and transform into a confident speaker.

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Deemcee Confidence Speaking Course

ensures a lively and interactive environment for student to express themselves through thematic learning. Students develop confident speaking and lively expression through a set of learning steps and progress through grade assessment.

F O U N D E R 
Dr. Elaine Loo Yee Ling

Deemcee Founder Story

Every child is unique.

It is the responsibility and obligation of parents to draw out their children’s potential. Giving life to a child is not merely giving birth but to ignite the child’s desire in making a positive difference in someone’s life.

Dr. Elaine Loo Yee Ling
PhD. Educational Psychology and Curriculum Development

Dr Elaine Loo
Deemcee Founder

Dr. Elaine is an inspirational and passionate educator. A scholar and expertise in educational psychology, curriculum development and parentology, she commits to help individuals to advance humankind through her talent.

Dr Elaine Loo

" Have you come across graduates who score flying colors nowadays can’t speak well? Lack of teamwork, poor attitude? Recalling, I started of training young executives and undergraduates on communication skills ten years ago. Their poor attitude and closed confidence door motivated me to establish ProMizzion (leadership platform for students age 10-17) as I already envisioned that 10 years later, it will only be worsen. Sadly, many teenagers’ parents realize the seriousness and wish to help their children but the teenagers wouldn’t care at all and brush their parents away... "

It has been PROVEN by doctorate researchers that confidence building has to start at the golden period of age 5-8. That is why Deemcee truly believes in "Start early, Less worry"!

Career Opportunities

Join us onboard as educators to enthuse life of educators through confidence and public speaking expression among children!

Franchising Opportunities

To benefit the future generation with outstanding communication skills, we look forward to work with you through this educational business

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