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Most Trusted Children's Confidence Speaking Program

Malaysian Franchise Association
Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
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Deemcee Across the Nation

Our Confidence Speaking Programme has expanded to 20 branches thus far. With all the new Deemcee outlets currently opened throughout Malaysia, we will continue in helping students in their confidence building and speech learning.

Deemcee Location

Standardised Centre Interior and Layout

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What do our franchisees say?

Deemcee Centre

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Why choose Deemcee to kickstart your educational business?

Franchise Exhibition
Franchise Exhibition
Short time contribution
Work-life balance
Marketing resources
Quick breakeven rate
Low capital investment

Short time contribution

various resources provided by headquarters, flexible start time (as low as 10 hours a week)

Promote WORK-LIFE BALANCE, meaningful and purposeful work to give back to the community

Provide various marketing resources

Quick breakeven rate

Low capital investment


At first I wanted to enrol my son into Deemcee because I was interested and saw the value in this programme. After considering that Deemcee was not in Kuching (Sarawak) for sometime, instead of feeling disappointed, I decided to step out and take the lead to be the franchisee in my hometown. 

Seeing many young kids struggle with confidence and communication is one of my concern as a parent, especially with the prevalent of mobile gadgets. I’m glad that HQ had given me a lot of guidance and support, their positive culture also sparked me to persevere as an educator along this journey!


Deemcee Kuching

Our Franchisee Sharing

We welcome you to join our business venture today!

Thank you! We have received your information,will reach out to you soonest!

Career Opportunities

Join us onboard as educators to enthuse life of educators through confidence and public speaking expression among children!

Programme Details

Deemcee Creative Public Speaking Programme is designed to empower our students with the confidence they need to communicate, present, and speak lively, meeting the demands of the 21st Century!

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