Never allow the door of speaking confidence close

Imagine your shy child transforming to a confident emcee in just 24 lessons.. would you want that?

What if there’s a way for your kids to keep their head up wherever they go?
What if there’s a way for them to SHINE on stage and present their stories?


What if there’s a way for them to gain self-confidence and increase communication expression at the GOLDEN AGE 5-9?

We welcome you to discover the NEW way of developing confident expression. In here, your children can learn through a combination of lively role-play and public speaking techniques to gain self-confidence!


Communication and Public Speaking skills has become a NECESSITY in 21st Century.

As long as your children have been trained since young, you don’t need to WORRY about their future pathway.



Benefit your children today.

Programme Details

De'Emcee creative public speaking programme is designed to allow our students to communicate, present and speak lively to meet the needs of 21st-Century!

Licensee Opportunities

To benefit the future generation with outstanding communication skills, we look forward to work with you through this educational business.



Parents Recommend

Joey O.

Even though my son has packed schedules on his weekends, he seems to enjoy De'Emcee classes a lot. I start to see several improvements in him. His confidence and maturity level of responses when talking to people really surprised me.

Vivian T.

The best thing about enrolling my son here is having enthusiastic and young educators to nurture him and other students! Communication skills are important in the 21st Century. I believe he can develop interpersonal relationship as De'Emcee can help him to conquer his challenge to speak on stage. 

H.K. Gui

De’Emcee has helped to further nurtured Li Hsuen’s interest in public speaking. She enjoys attending the weekly classes. Thank you to all teachers for coaching her and giving her the opportunity to perform on Kidzania stage last Sunday. Certainly more to fine tune but for a 7-year-old girl, I think she has done well in her speech and did not look nervous to be on the stage.


De'Emcee Highlights

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