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The Evolution and Differences: Traditional vs Creative Public Speaking in Malaysia


From the classrooms to the corporate boardrooms, public speaking holds a respected place in Malaysia, nurturing leaders and influencers across generations. However, a fresh approach, known as Creative Public Speaking, has recently been gaining attention. This innovative method offers a unique spin on the traditional public speaking techniques. How does it compare, and why is it gaining traction within the Malaysian community? Let's dive into this intriguing topic!

Malaysian student engaged in creative public speaking

The Role of Public Speaking in Malaysia

In Malaysia, public speaking has long been a vehicle for expressing ideas, influencing opinions, and fostering leadership. Schools hold annual speech competitions, and national level public speaking events often become stepping stones for future leaders. Recognizing the value of confident and articulate communication, parents and educators alike emphasize this skill.

Thematic Learning: A Real-World Connection

Traditional public speaking generally focuses on the technical aspects of speech-making, emphasizing clear enunciation, proper grammar, and persuasive rhetoric. Creative public speaking, however, employs thematic learning, anchoring speeches around real-life occupations, such as delivering a speech from a conservationist's perspective. This method provides a more relatable and authentic learning experience, bringing the exciting world of diverse professions to the classroom.

Role-Playing: Embracing Different Perspectives

While traditional public speaking revolves around delivering a speech, creative public speaking incorporates a role-play element. Students plays the roles based on their chosen themes or professions, offering them an opportunity to understand diverse viewpoints. This innovative approach can significantly improve empathy and adaptability, preparing students for Malaysia's multicultural society.

Self Video Recording: Reflection and Improvement

Creative public speaking leverages technology by encouraging students to record their speeches, often dressed in attire correlating to their chosen theme. This hands-on approach makes learning engaging and provides a tool for self-review, thereby enhancing their overall speaking skills.

Script-Writing: Nurturing Creativity and Ownership

Unlike traditional public speaking where students deliver prepared scripts, creative public speaking at advanced levels encourages students to write their scripts. This method cultivates creativity, critical thinking, and gives students a sense of ownership over their speech, leading to a more passionate and persuasive delivery.

Success Stories from Deemcee Creative Public Speaking

Many students have benefited from the innovative approach of Deemcee Creative Public Speaking. For instance, Aina, a shy 7-year old girl, discovered her voice and confidence after enrolling in the creative public speaking course. Today, Aina actively participates in school debates and has even won a regional public speaking competition. Stories like Aina's that truly highlight the transformative power of creative public speaking.


Creative public speaking is an evolution of traditional public speaking. It merges foundational speaking skills with elements of creativity, real-world relevance, and active learning. This innovative approach can be particularly transformative for Malaysian children, fostering the growth of confident, empathetic, and articulate communicators who are ready to inspire.

Malaysian child engaged in creative public speaking as an air stewardess

At Deemcee Creative Public Speaking, we're ready to guide your children through this innovative journey. Providing a platform for your child to explore diverse roles, write their speeches, and capture their performances on video, we're committed to nurturing the next generation of Malaysian public speakers. Sign up today, and witness the transformative power of creative public speaking!

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