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A Comprehensive Guide for Parents: Assisting Children in Preparing for their First Public SPeaking


The room falls silent, all eyes turn to the stage, and your little one steps up, ready for their very first public speaking experience. This defining moment can be a cornerstone in their journey towards confidence and effective communication skills. But how can Malaysian parents play their part in preparing their children for this significant first public speaking engagement? Let's dive in deeper!

Parent helping child prepare for their first public speaking experience

1. Understanding the Importance of Public Speaking

Before we explore the how, let's briefly understand the why. In the globalized world we live in, communication is key. This rings true even more so in multicultural Malaysia, where diverse cultures and languages come together. By mastering public speaking, children learn to articulate their ideas clearly, listen attentively, and respect the diverse viewpoints that mirror our Malaysian society.

2. Preparing for First Public Speaking: Starting with Small Steps

Public speaking isn't about delivering a full-fledged TED Talk right from the start. It's about gradual growth and development. Encourage your child to express their ideas in comfortable settings first, such as during family reunions, festive gatherings, or small classroom presentations. This step-by-step exposure to public speaking nurtures their confidence and readies them for larger audiences.

3. Becoming Their Encourager

The idea of public speaking may seem daunting at first. That's where your role as an encourager becomes pivotal. Assure them that it's perfectly okay to stumble over a word or forget a line. The goal is to express themselves and put forth their best effort. Your consistent support and encouragement can instil a growing sense of confidence, making the journey less intimidating and more exciting.

4. Prioritizing Practice

As the saying goes 'practice makes permanence' is relevant for public speaking too. Arrange for practice sessions at home, providing a comfortable and judgement-free environment for them to rehearse. Offer gentle feedback and constructive criticism to aid improvements. Remember, the goal isn't to be flawless overnight but to progressively grow more familiar and confident with public speaking.

5. Leveraging on School Resources

Malaysian schools often offer various platforms where children can practice public speaking. Encourage your child to participate in school events like debate competitions, drama clubs, or storytelling sessions. These platforms provide valuable experience and can further enhance your child's confidence in public speaking.

6. Encouraging Fun and Creativity

Public speaking doesn't have to be a solemn activity. Incorporate fun elements into your child's practice sessions, such as role-playing or impromptu speeches on fun topics. You could even use themes from their favourite cartoons or books. This can help alleviate stress, stimulate creativity, and make their speeches more engaging!

7. Seeking Professional Help

If you're looking to take your child's public speaking skills to the next level, consider enrolling them in a public speaking class. Deemcee Creative Public Speaking offer comprehensive courses tailored for children aged 5 - 10, helping children enhance their public speaking skills in a structured and supportive environment.


Embarking on the journey of public speaking is a path towards self-improvement, self-expression, and empowerment. Parents play a significant role in guiding their children through this journey, transforming it from a potential challenge into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Proud parent celebrating child's successful speech

Every journey begins with a single step, and at Deemcee Creative Public Speaking, we're ready to guide both you and your child through each phase of this journey. Let's begin this public speaking adventure together and watch your child transform into a confident, eloquent, and empowered young speaker!


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