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Get to know Deemcee
Creative Public Speaking Programme


O U R  B A C K G R O U N D


To develop strong speaking foundation among young children in order to enrich their life.


To enthuse life of educators through confidence building in young children across the globe.

Start Early, Less Worry! Never allow the 'door of speaking confidence' close.

F O U N D E R 

Dr. Elaine Loo Yee Ling


Dr. Elaine is an inspirational and passionate educator. A scholar and expertise in educational psychology, curriculum development and parentology, she commits to help individuals to advance humankind through her talent.

" Have you come across graduates who score flying colors nowadays can’t speak well? Lack of teamwork, poor attitude? Recalling, I started of training young executives and undergraduates on communication skills ten years ago. Their poor attitude and closed confidence door motivated me to establish ProMizzion (leadership platform for students age 10-17) as I already envisioned that 10 years later, it will only be worsen. Sadly, many teenagers’ parents realize the seriousness and wish to help their children but the teenagers wouldn’t care at all and brush their parents away... "

It has been PROVEN by doctorate researchers that confidence building has to start at the golden period of age 5-9. That is why Deemcee truly believes in "Start early, Less worry"!

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